Describe The Functions Of The Workplace Health And Safety Representative

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Describe The Functions Of The Workplace Health And Safety Representative

Describe The Functions Of The Workplace Health And Safety Representative


Programme Overview


In order to achieve the credits and qualify for this appropriate registered standard, determined by the Sector of Education Training Authority, you are expected to have demonstrated competence in specific learning outcomes.

Specific Outcomes

Specific Outcomes describe what the learner has to be able to do successfully at the end of this learning experience.

Assessment Criteria

The only way to establish whether a learner is competent and has accomplished the specific outcomes is through the assessment process.  Assessment involves collecting and interpreting evidence about the learners’ ability to perform a task.

This module includes assessments in the form of self-assessments, group tasks, quizzes, projects and a practical training programme whereby you are required to perform tasks and collect information to be presented as the portfolio of evidence, proof signed by your facilitator that you have successfully performed these tasks.

To Qualify

To qualify and receive credits towards your qualification, a registered Assessor will conduct an evaluation and assessment of your portfolio of evidence and competency.

Range Of Learning

This describes the situation and circumstance in which competence must be demonstrated and the parameters in which the learner operates.


The responsibility of learning rests with you, so…

•    Be proactive and ask questions

•    Seek assistance and help from your facilitator, if required

How You Will Learn

The programme methodology includes facilitator presentations, readings, individual activities, group discussions and skill application exercises.

Know what you want to get out of the programme from the start and start applying your new skills immediately.  Participate as much as possible so that the learning will be interactive and stimulating.

How You Will Be Assessed

This programme has been aligned to registered unit standards.  You will be assessed against the outcomes of the unit standards by completing a knowledge assignment that covers the essential embedded knowledge stipulated in the unit standards, and by compiling a portfolio of evidence that provides proof of your ability to apply the learning to your work situation.

When you are assessed as competent against the unit standards, you will receive credits towards your National Qualification.

Course Content

  • ForumAnnouncements
  • FileAccidents In The Workplace
  • URLAccidents and Horse play
  • FileThe O.H.S. ACT 85 of 1993
  • URLOHS Act
  • FileThe Rights Of The Worker
  • URLThe Rights Of The Worker
  • FileDepartment Of Labour
  • URLDepartment Of Labour
  • FileWhat Are Health And Safety Representatives?
  • FileOccupational Safety
  • URLOccupational Safety
  • URLOccupational Safety and Health
  • FileThe Appropriate Levels To Be Addressed
  • FileRisk Controls
  • URLRisk control measures in workplace
  • URLThe Hierarchy of Controls
  • FileChecklist And Inspection Report
  • QuestionnaireQuestionnaire
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